More Kelp Photos

18 Watchingsurf
Checking out the surf in Huntington Beach after playing at the Surfing Museum.
12 FoothillClub
At the Foothill Club, Long Beach, CA
10 SFChrisMcCall
Chris McCall on drums in SF, CA
09 MorroBay
Hangin' out in Morro Bay
08 theglasses
Sam's new glasses
07 adobekelp
Kelp in the adobe lodge at Frequinox
06 SamShaman
Shaman Sam
24 Seanandfan
Sean Stark and a fan
21 LiveKXLU
Live at KXLU, Los Angeles
20 PaulvsTiki
Paul vs. Tiki
19 PaulHuntington
Paul after a session in Huntington Beach.
17 ToddHuntington
Todd the sponger
16 SeanHuntington
Sean stoked in HB, CA
13 ToddinSF
Todd at Paradise Lounge in SF, CA
11 ParadiseLounge
Paradise Lounge
25 Kelpfest
Kelp at, of all things, Kelpfest!
22 VenturaTheater
Going plaid at the Majestic Ventura Theater
02 LavaLounge2
Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA
01 lavalounge
Matching Rickenbackers at the Lava Lounge in Hollywood
02 ToddLavaLounge
Todd at the Lava Lounge
03 PaulLavaLounge
Paul after the Lava Lounge show.
04 TheMercuryLounge
On the home turf - Mercury Lounge, Goleta, CA
05 settingupFrequinox
Setting up in the desert at Frequinox
14 PaulHBISM
Paul zoning out at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum
15 PaulseanHBISM
23 easysurfing
Todd and Paul making it look easy...